Unsecured bank overdraft22.310.0
Finance lease liabilities0.60.3
Unsecured bank loan and other borrowings150.784.0
Finance lease liabilities10.610.6
  1. The above borrowings are stated net of unamortised issue costs of £2.3m (2014: £2.0m).

The Group's current debt facility came into effect from 14 November 2014 and is a five-year £170m revolving credit facility starting from that date. The facility carries an interest rate of LIBOR plus a margin which is variable based on the gearing measures as set out in the facility covenant certificate and which is currently 125 basis points. Both utilisation and non-utilisation fees are also applicable being charged when utilisation rises above a set percentage with non-utilisation based on a set percentage of the applicable margin. These charges are based on market rates as are the commitment fees as mentioned below.

The Group had the following undrawn committed borrowing facilities available at each balance sheet date in respect of which all conditions precedent had been met:

Expiring within 1 year20.01.0
Expiring between 1 and 2 years
Expiring between 2 and 5 years97.0114.0

The overdraft facility expiring within one year is an annual facility subject to review at various dates during the period. The facility of £117.0m (2014: £114.0m) relates to the Group's revolving credit facility. All these facilities incurred commitment fees at market rates.