Strategic delivery

Cycle repair

During the final quarter of FY14 we trialled a new cycle repair operating model in just over 50 stores. This proved successful, with the growth in repair sales outstripping the rest of the stores and also a significant increase in the average repair transaction value, reflecting the more complex work being undertaken. By the end of FY15 the new model had been rolled out to 405 stores; 339 receiving a full rollout and 66 receiving a smaller-scale option.

The stores with full rollout received a dedicated repair work station, complete with a parts washer and all of the necessary tools and equipment to do anything from a basic puncture to a complex service or repair job. In the majority of stores the work stations are in the back-of-shop space, improving efficiency and productivity by taking the work away from the shop floor. These stores also receive a dedicated Gear 3 level technician, each of whom have had intensive cycle repair training.

Showing Cycle Repair
We have now upgraded our cycle repair capability in over 400 stores